Our Story

Hello, we are Rasin and we are pleased to meet you. Our mission is to bring high-quality Haitian products to the rest of the world. We do that by tapping into the country’s human capital to produce sustainable black castor oil and other items that have been a part of our collective history for the past 200 years.

At Rasin, we believe that ethical job creation and education are the only long-term solutions to extreme poverty. So far, we have been able to provide jobs for several local farmers and we plan to provide even more opportunities as the business grows. An educated workforce is a key to a flourishing economy and we are committed to doing our part by donating .25 cents per bottle sales proceeds to a scholarship fund that supports struggling families.

We are proud of our products and the people who make them. Rasin Black Castor Oil contains authentic natural ingredients and is proudly made in Haiti, in factories run by our trusted team.

Baby steps and leaps of faith got us where we are, and we are working around the clock to bring awesome natural products to our customers while merging our passion for entrepreneurship with social justice. Our ultimate goal is to positively change people’s perception of Haiti and help rekindle a sense of family and connectivity into the lives of the people that our business touches on a daily basis.

Education Goals in Haiti

It is our belief that education is the platform that helps overcome all barriers. That’s why Rasin has partnered with Papiyon to help provide Middle and High school students with early exposure to leadership skills so that they will grow into exceptional change agents in their communities.

Papiyon works with these students to teach them leadership skills, help them identify leaders throughout both history and their communities, and provide them with opportunities to participate in service projects.

Papiyon intends to help produce socially responsible and transformational leaders by providing students with clear pathways to civic engagement through leadership development workshops and early exposure to service. Academic excellence is a requirement to stay in the program.

Twenty-five cents of every Rasin product sold goes to support this noble program.

If you would like to learn more about Papiyon or donate, go to http://www.papiyoninc.org