Tips and Recipes

Pre shampoo treatment

Haitian black castor oil can make a great difference if used as a preparation before shampoo especially if you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp. Its antifungal properties make it the perfect oil for the treatment of certain scalp diseases. It deeply moisturizes and helps to soothe the excessive dryness caused by aggressive shampoos. Two things are important here: use it regularly and choose a quality product! Haitian black castor oil is a relatively viscous product. I suggest you use it mixed with more flexible, lighter oil (olive oil, or coconut oil).

Seal the hydration In your hair tips

Sealing the hydration simply means trapping the moisture in thanks to the oil. When you decide to hydrate your hair, it is essential to keep this hydration by applying Haitian Black castor oil in order to keep the water from evaporating. This technique enables you to keep your hair soft and flexible and to avoid any breakage.Once your hair tips are humidified with a water spray, the Haitian Black castor oil can be applied at the tip of your hair. It’s important to apply it gently especially for those of you who have thin and fragile hair.